In 2001 a clairvoyant for Spiritual Odyssey was created in La Mesa. Called the Love and Light Healing Center, it was founded by Irene Valerio, with the intention of providing community members with a safe, comfortable and peaceful environment in which to experience spiritual connection in their daily lives. Toward that end, Irene dedicated herself to establishing a welcoming atmosphere of tolerance, openness, simplicity and hope. As a result, the Love and Light Healing Center has become a place of refuge and spiritual comfort to all who are drawn there.

Visitors to the Center instantly discover a serene setting which enables them to relax, trust and open themselves to divine inspiration. Many who participate in Center activities report miraculous healings; others describe profound shifts in body, mind and spirit that result in changed attitudes and energy levels. Irene, herself, has been the recipient of many spiritual blessings encouraging her to continue her work here.

During the past 30 years she has been given ongoing messages at the Love and Light Healing Center. As supporting her mission. These have come in extraordinary ways. One of the most amazing was through photographs taken inside the Center. The developed pictures depicted light, orbs, spirits, and clearly recognizable images that were not visibly present when the photographs were shot. Additional encouragement was given via channeled communications, such as spoken messages from Angels, Saints, Ascended Masters, the Blessed Mother and the Christ energy. Other confirmation came by means of meditation and answered prayers.

Irene believes the work of the Center was ordained from the Beginning. Thus it is her heartfelt wish to attract others (like herself) who are gifted in the healing arts, and to assist them in expanding their missions. The range of experience, talent and dedication of those called to serve at the Center is truly inspirational. Current practitioners offer their expertise through a wide variety of healing methods.

“Today is the day of Miracles”

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A Place of Refuge

The Love and Light Healing Center has become a place of refuge and spiritual comfort to all who are drawn there.

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